Famous Public Speakers Who Overcame Their Stuttering

“People laughed at me,” says Bishop TD Jakes, reflecting on his early days as a travelling preacher, “I looked like a fool, I wore my clothes out and my suit was falling off me. I couldn’t send it to the dry cleaners so I had to wash it in the washing machine. I had holes in my shoes so I couldn’t kneel down and pray. I looked like an old raggedy country preacher. They said that boy has lost his mind he’ll never be anything, he stutters and he has a lisp, he’ll never be a preacher.”

But he pressed on. Today he commands the attention of tens of millions of people and is one of the foremost religious leaders in the world. Who has heard a more powerful speaker than him? At the time his church had no electricity so all his sermons were conducted during the day, whatever he made on the road he would bring back to the offering to make payroll. He had a terrible stammer and a lisp that can still be heard today.



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Paul Gwamanda

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Ben Franklin